October 23, 2014

Revitalize Your Spirit

Release Stress, Rekindle Joy



Program: 5 days

Do you ever feel worn down  by life’s ongoing challenges? Have you been stressed out lately? None of us are taught how to handle life’s challenges in a way that feels easy, relaxed and proactive. We are taught that stress is the natural outcome of the lives we lead.

With a limited number of participants and an easier pace than our other programs, this week affords you a double  opportunity. First, you will be able to truly revitalize, recharge and reinvigorate yourself. Second, you will be provided with help and tools so that when you return home, you can sustain your comfort, make your renewal last and not feel beholden to the ‘trials and tribulations’ of life.

In Revitalize Your Spirit, you will be provided with:

  • Ways to release stress and pressure, regardless of what is happening around you
  • A caring, supportive, safe environment, where you can examine – and overcome – your challenges
  • Techniques to replace habitual self-criticism and self-doubt with self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • A roadmap to sustainable calm and ease, even when things don’t go the way you want
  • The Option Process® Dialogue, a self-questioning system whereby you can resolve issues and identify and change beliefs that stand in your way

I Don’t Have To Be Angry Anymore!

Ronda was angry, frustrated and unhappy almost all the time. She didn’t know how to live any other way until she attended personal growth retreat programs at The Option Institute. Attending the Revitalize Your Spirit Program, she found a new way to be in the world and concrete tools to help her. She has developed a sustainable inner strength. Anger isn’t necessary in her business or in her life anymore.
This program will help to wake up your spirit, to regain your inner strength, to help find what you really want and give you the tools to bring that into your life. Most importantly to me now is to adopt the attitude…how to be more of who you want to be. I now feel like I have tools to use to feel better about and more in control of my life.

– Steve Wimble, Auto Sales, Vermont

I have grown immensely in this program. Eveyone has taught me something. I have reached the goals I set for myself. The beauty of nature, the love and kindness, the exceptional teaching have been incredible, life-changing gifts. I feel renewed, revitalized, energetic, full of love and 20 years younger. I’ve realized that I can create the life I want and be happy.

– Kira Davidson, Unemployed, Georgia

I took Revitalize Your Spirit looking for a break, a little relief from the stress I have been living for the past ten months since my husband’s sudden death. After two or three days, I had begun laughing, and it felt wonderful. I realized I had not laughed in the past ten months, but I finally gave myself permission to.

– Barbara Breidenstein, Designer, New York

I came to Revitalize Your Spirit with a past history of abuse, abandonment, and a great deal of past judgments. I came fully armed with my usual self-protective mechanisms that I had finely tuned over 52 years. Without anxiety, fear, trepidation, or regret, I left them outside the door at the beginning of the second class. That was the first time in my life that I ever knew I could choose differently. I chose happiness and it only took me 2 ½ hours – after 52 years of pain. Thank you!

– Laurieann Porter, Writer, Florida

I had been depressed for 20 years, with only some minor relief using medications. I was at rock bottom, my marriage had broken up, and I thought and wished that my life was over. I decided to attend Revitalize Your Spirit and then did four Option Process® Dialogues right before the program — my depression was already lifting. By the third day of the program, when asked about my depression, I calmly exclaimed, ‘What depression!’ This has been the best week of my life.

– Tom Cunningham, Certified Public Account, Virginia

I came to Revitalize Your Spirit with such harsh judgements of myself. I was a depressed and frightened person.  I saw no hope or change in my future. Now, I feel excitement for the future and incredible love for myself and others.

– Debbie Hall, Mom/Student, Canada