October 14, 2014

Programs by Interest

Inward-Facing Programs

Courses designed to primarily help you explore and change how you think and feel inside.

Happiness GPS™
A weekend retreat that lasts a lifetime

Optimal Self-Trust
Make Decisions with Absolute Confidence

Achieve mental clarity and emotional well-being

Personal Peace
Deep comfort in the face of challenging events

Outward-Facing Programs

Courses designed primarily to help you explore and change how you think and behave – and how you interact with others and with the world.

Group Leadership Training
Hands-on training to become an efficient, effective group leader

Weigh Happier
Freedom From Food & Body Image Hang-ups

Power Dialogues
Fundamentals of Our Counseling Method

Advanced Power Dialogues
Become An Exceptional Counselor in Everyday Situations

Break Free From the Past
Banishing the Skeletons in Your Closet

Radical Authenticity
Communicate with Honesty, Without Hesitation

Special In-Depth Program

Equal parts inward-facing and outward-facing

Inner Strength Boot Camp
Ultimate Training for Unshakable Emotional Well-Being

Graduate Programs

Mastery courses for advanced students

Wide Awake
Self Structured, Dynamic Program for Advanced Students

Group Leadership Training
Become a Masterful Teacher & Leader

Mentor Certification
Master the Art & Science of Working with Individuals