October 22, 2014


Fundamentals of Our Counseling Method

Program: 5 days

Learn the fundamentals of our core system for personal change. The Option Process® Dialogue is a non-judgmental, non-directive system of questions designed to enable people to uncover and discard hidden beliefs which fuel emotions of unhappiness and ineffective behaviors. It is a process which people have been using for more than 35 years to overcome life crises large and small.

Additionally, for those of you who are looking to master this technique and begin a fulfilling career helping others, this course is the first step.

Half of the program will focus on helping you to implement the attitude of an Option Process Mentor. (The Mentor is the person asking the questions.) This attitude consists of being incredibly present with the person speaking, totally accepting them and everything they say, not having an agenda for what they think, feel, or decide, and creating a sense of deep caring about the person. Not surprisingly, this attitude, once mastered, has enormous benefits in many aspects of life outside of the Dialogue as well.

The other half of the program will focus on enabling you to grasp the fundamentals of the questioning technique itself. You will have the opportunity to practice doing Dialogues in real time and get feedback and assistance.

In PowerDialogues you will learn to:

  • Always be equipped for any crisis – yours or someone else’s
  • Engage a powerful attitude at will where you are unshakably comfortable, relaxed and caring
  • Be the resource for others that you always wished you could be
  • Understand yourself much more deeply, and make significant personal changes by unearthing and shifting your own beliefs

The Core of What we Teach

A letter from the Co-Founder of The Option Institute – Barry Neil Kaufman

“At The Option Institute, we teach people unique and practical tools to build the life experience they desire. How?
“It begins with a radical departure from everything we’ve been taught. Many of us have heard of the popular psychological model of stimulus-response. The dog barks, I get scared. My friend compliments me, I feel happy. This model has helped spawn a culture where we see our emotions and experiences as being caused by people and events around us. As a result, we often try to change our circumstances and the people around us so that we can feel good or, at least, not feel bad.

stimulus_response“This approach leaves most of us feeling like victims. We believe that, if we could just get our loved ones to treat us right, or our finances to increase, or the roads to be traffic-free, we would feel better. But there’s always something else. Even without major life events such as divorce, bankruptcy, illness or loss of a loved one, many of us experience deep distress and discomfort.


The Option Institute modifies the stimulus-response paradigm with a simple twist. We introduce a third component: BELIEF. Every stimulus that elicits a response from us is first filtered and processed by one or more beliefs. As our beliefs change, so do our responses and experiences. This simple shift changes everything in our lives, moving us from the passenger’s seat into the driver’s seat. We call this new paradigm the Happiness GPS™ because it helps you identify where you are and allows you to navigate to where you want to go (In terms of your own happiness and emotional well-being).

Happiness GPS




“For instance, two parents watching their daughter getting married can have different experiences – one is happy and the other is distressed. How do we explain 2 people witnessing the same event (the same stimulus) having diametrically opposed responses? Simple – each one holds different beliefs that filter their experience of the wedding. One sees it as wonderful – believing that their daughter will be happy and the family will grow. The other sees it as terrible – believing they are losing their daughter and that they will be lonely without her. This simple illustration is a microcosm of the myriad ways our beliefs determine every response, from joy to anger, from kissing to shouting.


“The good news is: our beliefs are changeable. Our experience with thousands of people from across the globe has shown us that, when people use the tools that we provide, known collectively as The Option Process, they are able to uncover the beliefs fueling their responses and the underlying reasons for their beliefs. Moreover, they are able to change the beliefs that may be generating unhappiness, dysfunctional relationships or ineffective behaviors.


“In our highly interactive courses, we help people address ongoing challenges, find peace with catastrophic events, build more satisfying relationships and become efficient and effective at achieving their desires and dreams. We believe that the most effective way to help people change is to provide them with tools and opportunities to change, in an environment where they are completely accepted as they are, whether or not they change. We are happy to be, for many, the one place in the world where they can find just that.”


bears(Barry Neil Kaufman),
Co-founder of The Option Institute and Autism Treatment Center of America


Learn more about What we Teach.

Happiness GPS


Stimulus Belief Response

Option Process® Dialogue: Introductory Questions
to raise your Happiness I.Q.™

  1. What is the stimulus?
  2. How do I feel about the stimulus?
  3. Why do I feel this way?
  4. What is my belief?
  5. Why do I believe that?
  • All beliefs are changeable.
  • Use the above questions to help yourself uncover your beliefs. Ask yourself these question in
    the most caring and accepting way possible.
  • Uncover the belief and choose whether you want to continue to hold it or change it for a new.
  • Change the belief and you change the feeling.

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Happiness I.Q.

Definition: The measurement of a person’s capacity to choose emotional comfort and happiness irrespective of the stimulus.

Happiness I.Q. is determined by core belief structures about ourselves and our ability to decide how we feel and what we think.

Low Happiness I.Q. Beliefs:

  • I can’t choose how I feel. It depends on what happens (the stimulus).
  • I have to be unhappy, angry, worried, or upset in order to do what it takes to take care of myself, my child, etc.
  • It’s only human to get unhappy when things don’t go the way I want.
  • My mind just does what it does and thinks what it thinks. I can’t control it.
  • I am how I am. I have a limited capacity to change.


High Happiness I.Q. Beliefs:

  • How I feel isn’t determined by what happens (the stimulus) but by my beliefs about what happens.
    And I choose my beliefs.
  • I don’t need to get unhappy, angry, worried, or upset in order to take care of myself, my child, etc.
    I just need to know what I want.
  • There isn’t one predetermined “human” way to respond to things. I respond the way I want to respond,
    and so does everyone else.
  • I am the pilot of my mind and the creator of my thoughts and beliefs.
  • Since I decide who and how I am, and since I can always make new decisions,
    my capacity to change is limitless

Copyright © 2017 The Option Institute and Fellowship. All rights reserved.
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I came to PowerDialogues in order to add dialoguing to my Son-Rise Program® at home. I am leaving today with so much more than I had expected to get. Such as:

  1. A much more in-depth understanding of the incredible miracle of the dialogue.
  2. A new conviction about my ability to choose my degree of happiness and comfort in my life.
  3. A deepened joy and excitement about my relationship with my mother, who attendedPowerDialogues with me as a celebration of her 75th birthday.

– Susan Levin, Son-Rise Program Mom, MA


I love The Option Institute. I have taken 5 programs here and each one has enriched my life. PowerDialogues was so powerful-I feel more loving, more non-judgmental and I was able to make connections with my character that I want to change. PowerDialogues whether as mentor or explorer gave me a new way to look at myself.

– Gertruth Handelman, Retired, Canada


Wow! Thought I would see the sky and found the universe. Potentially, the most profound program of my life’s journey!

– Stelios Angelides, Care Manager & Son-Rise Dad, England


PowerDialogues surprised me with its depth and meatiness. I expected to learn a few techniques, slap them on and call it a day. I was surprised and delighted to find that the whole PowerDialogue process is an amazingly thought out and deeply meaningful science AND art. It’s a juicy, fun and thought provoking process and I enjoyed launching into learning more about applying the process to my life so that Ican be aware of my choices and be in control of what I feel and believe.

– Pam Aronow, Son-Rise Mom, AZ


The dialogue is so completely gorgeous and dialogue classes are even more fabulous. I feel like it’s like getting an instruction manual to life and building muscles that will set me free in ANY situation. I want to keep going for this to make my love bigger and bigger…and bigger and BIGGER.

– Anne-Marie Graften, Skills Development Manager, United Kingdom