October 22, 2014

Inner Strength Boot Camp

Ultimate Training for Unshakable Emotional Well-Being


Program: 9 Days

Welcome to the fitness program for your heart, mind, and emotional well-being.

We’re all familiar with the term “boot camp.” An intensive, no-holds-barred, all-out, 8-cylinder experience where participants walk through the fires of deep personal challenge. And, in the end, they have rebuilt themselves into something – someone – vastly stronger and more powerful.

Inner Strength BOOT CAMP takes this concept deeper. In truth, we can go through an “outer” strength boot camp, but no amount of physical exercise prepares us for the heavy lifting we face in our lives – financially, with our health, in our relationships, and within our careers.

In the end it all comes down to Inner Strength – creating a way for ourselves to think and feel so that we have an unwavering, unstoppable, indestructible sense of our own strength, confidence, self-acceptance, and clarity. To accomplish this, we’ve constructed a course that powers through nine straight days of intensive work on you. (But you’re still only away for one workweek.)

In this course, we help you to dig deep into every aspect of yourself. Once you’ve done that, we can (lovingly and non-judgmentally) challenge you to build who you are into the version of yourself that you always wanted to be, always thought you could be, but haven’t quite seen yet.

In the end, we may not be able to control everything. But we can become people who determine how we handle everything. We can gain the tools to construct a core of strength, confidence, and clarity on the inside that’s impervious to events on the outside. We can be our own rock.

And that’s why Inner Strength BOOT CAMP isn’t about changing the world. It’s about changing YOUR world.

Would you like to:

  • Remain truly relaxed and unfazed in the face of the judgments and criticism from others?
  • Know who you are – without taking what others do personally or needing them to validate you?
  • Create more loving relationships with the people that matter most to you?
  • Overcome the obstacles that keep you from being present to what’s really important in your life?
  • Speak authentically without fear?
  • Sustain a sense of peace and comfort with an unpredictable world?
  • Stay strong in what you believe and what you want?
  • Understand exactly how you work…so you can change and rebuild the parts that don’t?

If so, Inner Strength BOOT CAMP is for you.

The way it works is that you arrive on Friday night, and then go full-blast from Saturday until the next Sunday. You will be shocked at how far you can get by taking a course in this totally immersive style (while still only being away for one workweek).

Some special methods unique to Inner Strength BOOT CAMP:

  • The Inner Strength Diary:A unique method of tracking your changes – and keeping yourself accountable
  • Happiness Interaction Training Tactics (HITTS):Practical strategies getting people to treat you the way you want to be treated while living what you’ve learned
  • The Book:The most powerful interactive exercise we’ve ever taught for learning to be totally present and focused
  • The Two Sides of You:A special activity where we use digital enhancement technology to show you sides of yourself you might never have imagined
  • What If???:A navigational path we help you create for yourself that allows you to completely trust your ability to take care of yourself – no matter what
  • The “Ask Anything” Project:A method allow you to to get to know your fellow participants – and anyone else in your life – in a unique way

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In my early twenties, before I went to The Option Institute – I was lost. I had come to the end of my academic path and realized that I didn’t actually know who I was. I got myself into a really unhappy place, feeling completely disconnected from what I wanted and who I was. I felt confused and adrift. And then I went to The Option Institute for the Inner Strength nine-day program. I went there wanting to find myself. I went looking for answers. What I found were questions. This has been the biggest gift! I came to realize that I am my own best expert. I can trust myself! I can love myself! I am all I need! What huge, amazing, totally self-changing messages – and I am so grateful to have learned them at 24. Recently I have faced some real challenges, from my parents’ divorce to my mum’s serious illness. I know that without having gone to The Option Institute, I would be an angry, unhappy individual right now. Instead, I learned at the Institute that I can choose how to feel in the face of these challenges. Being happy and comfortable means I have more space for love, gratitude and laughter! I not only give myself a better experience but it also means I can be a better support for my family. And yes, there are times when I don’t chose happiness, but it sure feels a whole lot better to know that I’m creating it! What an empowering thing to realize that life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself! None of this would have been possible without the financial aid given to me. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this aid. To be able to know yourself this deeply and to learn that all the happiness you ever imagined is actually in your control is the biggest gift you can give anyone. There’s nothing else more important than investing in that. If you can, please enable someone less able to attend a program and create the changes in their life as I have in mine. I am grateful for the scholarship aid every single day of my extraordinary life. Thank you for reading this. Have a truly awesome day! 
Big love,

– Madeleine Woolgar, Public Relations/Media, UK


I signed up for Inner Strength with a feeling that if it didn’t help, I’d be lost. Not only did the program give me practical, easy-to-use tools to help build my inner strength, it also helped me discover strengths I did not know I had. I’m now equipped to face anything in my path, and to deal with all issues with clarity and happiness. My life is no longer a battleground – it’s a playground!

– Keith Hindmarsh, Chef/Caterer, Canada


I really feel I am stronger within after participating in Inner Strength. Some of the things we did were so radical that they were like a flashlight in the darkness. I really liked the meditations we did. It made me realize that only I am limiting myself. If I stop limiting myself in every way then I am free to do what I want and I have started making myself free from my self imposed limitations.

– Gaurand Khatri, Software Engineer, Japan


I can’t think of someplace else in the world I’d rather be right now. I’m 44 and finally learning tools with which to navigate through life’s challenges. I’ve been going through life wanting to change everything outside of me. With the tools taught in the Inner Strength program at The Option Institute I can now change what’s inside of me. I feel like I just landed on the planet for the first time. Yaaaaaahoooo!!! I thank all of you for “being” the dedication, love, acceptance that you show us every day. I love being here

– Shayu Talbot, Community Service Worker, Canada


When I came to The Option Institute 4 ½ weeks ago for Fearless, Exceptional Woman, and Inner Strength I had survived the loss of my husband, my home, my social environment, my mother. I was in deep pain, new and old. I was closer to death than really alive. I decided to invest in feeling better inside, instead of starting to build a new shelter around me. I tried ‘Happiness is a Choice’-it is! Now I am grateful to be alive and to be myself. There is so much to love and embrace from my past life and a new world is opening-I can trust myself and the universe around me-I see great opportunities in my new situation.

– Heidi Kittler Passma, Germany


I came to The Option Institute at the age of fifty, desperate, depressed and in a deep fit without a way to climb out. Many years of therapy, anti-depressants and other medications from former physicians and institutions had left me hopeless. Nine-day at The Option Institute changed the manner in which I view my entire life. The choice is mine – create the greatest version of me possible or remain miserable. If I choose the former, The Option Institute has the framework, tools and love for me to get there.

– Stephen Bochner, Executive Search Consultant, New York


Inner Strength was an incredible two weeks! I have been challenged to face my fears and judgments and my ways of concealing authenticity. I have laughed and I have cried but I have grown in leaps and bounds – in ways I never dreamed possible. I have recognized the ways I have been using unhappiness as a choice and I have received the tools I need to change my beliefs to claim my right to be happy. I am a new person – confident and strong. I love myself now – and therefore am able to give genuine, non-judgmental love to others. Thank you for the gift of health and hope!

– Elaine Shaw, Registered Nurse, Maryland