October 15, 2015

Weigh Happier

 Weigh Happier



Weigh Happier

Freedom From Food & Body Image Hang-Ups

Do you stress about food? Do you judge things about your body? Do you imagine that other people are judging things about your body, as well? Do you criticize yourself for “sabotaging” yourself by eating certain foods?

Wouldn’t it be great to spend your mental energy enjoying your life, your friends, and your family – instead of spending it on self-criticism, eating issues, or concern about whether people are looking at you and judging what they see?

You can follow a regimen that focuses on changing the outside (diet, exercise, weight loss) in an effort to feel good on the inside. Or you can step off that never-ending physical and emotional treadmill and find out how to change the inside first.

Transform Your Relationship With Food & Eating

  • Fill the Void: Feed yourself emotionally so that you can stop using food as a love proxy.
  • Food Fallacies: Learn how to change some fundamental beliefs you didn’t even realize you had about food.
  • The Care & Feeding of You: A unique 4-step process you can use during all meals to make eating a much more satisfying, relaxed, and guilt-free experience.

Shed Long-Standing Judgments About Your Body So You Can Truly Love It

  • Body Reboot: Enjoy your body now – before you change it.
  • The Myth of Self-Sabotage: Let go of self-criticism by understanding how your behaviors (even over-eating or under-eating) are really acts of kindness and self-preservation.
  • Become Other-Wise: Unplug from the endless fixation on what other people think!