October 22, 2014

Empower Yourself

Going for and Getting What You Want!



Program: 5 days

You may be at a crossroads in your life and in need of some real mental firepower to proactively navigate it. You might be stalled in your pursuit of an important goal (finding your life partner, changing your career, etc.). Or maybe you’ve noticed that you have difficulty standing strong for what you want when faced with opposition.

In Empower Yourself, you will acquire concrete tools for pursuing what you want, especially when formidable obstacles stand in your way. Even more importantly, you will have ample opportunity throughout the week to practice utilizing these tools. Dynamic, challenging, and fun, Empower Yourself is like filling up on rocket fuel for your life. You will leave inspired, powerful and ready to take action and surmount the challenges before you.

Empower Yourself will enable you to:

  • Become a truly resourceful and resilient person
  • Face any uphill challengewith comfort, focus, energy and decisiveness
  • Practice principles while you are hereso you can work out kinks and concerns before returning home
  • Apply what you learnspecifically to the areas of career, health, family, and relationships
  • Stand up for what you believe, even when others disagree, push back, or appear angry
  • Adopt the Empowered Person life tools, which will give you specific steps to pursue what you want without hesitation or apology – while still being okay if you don’t get it

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“Have you ever seen a miracle? This week at The Option Institute I saw miracles outside of myself as other people in this course blossomed into a place of peace, authenticity and personal power. I have experienced this growth within myself as well…for the first time in my life I feel Various completely congruent within myself, aligned in body, mind, emotions and spirit. How blessed I am! To now go forth with my inner light shining is the greatest gift. Everything I ever wanted for myself, for the first time today…truly a miracle for me in my life. A place for miracles; that is The Option Institute, bringing peace and joy, love and wholeness to the world, one person at a time.”

-Stephanie Dickinson, Teacher, IL


“This week at Empower Yourself, I have transformed myself from tentative and looking to others for proof of my existence into a calm, confident person who knows what I want and now can run towards it joyfully, regardless of the outcome.”


-Angie Hooper, Senior Counsel Fortune 500 Company, OK


Excellent – powerful, empowered, funny, profound – helping people get to their core issues and releasing them is a pure miracle. You’re doing God’s work in a big way.

 – Judy Meyers, General Manager of Food Service, Pennsylvania


Terrific! Full of energy, vitality, love and imagination, with such a skillful ability to take moments in class and relate them back to empowerment and ourselves as belief-making creatures.

– Rachel Jacobson, Student, United Kingdom

I thought I was empowered until I took this class. I saw how much I take care of others to make myself more comfortable; wait for my turn and hide myself; get frustrated and then detach from life. Empowered people get what they want and live the lives of their dreams because they know what they want to confidently and passionately pursue it, freely share themselves in all that life brings.Empower Yourself brought all that to me and I am now living an empowered life!

– Kathy Kiepura, Medical Doctor, Georgia


This is the third time I have taken Empower Yourself, and each time I wonder if it will lose something. No way! New discoveries every time. I will take Empower Yourself every year to make my life the most spectacular experience possible.

– Brian Ellis, Publicist, Massachusetts


Bears is amazing. My personal experience of him challenging me, as well as classmates is exhilarating and empowering! I have the deepest respect and admiration for this wonderful guy.

– Tammy Patchell-Evans, Canada


Bears shows so naturally that empowerment is an opportunity for learning and then encourages us in the most genuine and delicious way to create that for ourselves in order to live to the fullest. Bears can make the simplest point in the most powerful way.

– Corinne McKeown, Director of Development, Massachusetts