For 32 years, the Option Institute™ has offered self improvement and personal growth workshops, seminars and retreats that provide practical tools and strategies to help people worldwide to live happier, more confident, more empowered and more fulfilling lives, and enjoy gratifying relationships and careers. Founded on the life-affirming work of Barry Neil Kaufman, best-selling author of 12 books, including Happiness Is A Choice & Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues, and Samahria Lyte Kaufman.

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Happiness is a Choice
Personal Empowerment & Happiness:
Be An Empowered Person

Barry Neil Kaufman offers a clear and powerful look at the key attributes of an empowered person and concrete actions and perspectives you can take and hold right now as you begin to move towards greater personal empowerment and happiness...

Self Improvement Workshops The Option Institute is a not-for-profit educational organization founded in 1983 by best-selling author (Happiness Is A Choice) Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman...

Welcome! We've gathered together some information about the Berkshires and the Option Institute Campus so that you would have the most loving, nurturing and comfortable experience possible...

Beliefs for Inspired Living: 'Bears', Barry Neil Kaufman, Teacher, Author, & Co-Founder of the Option Institute, takes questions from participants in the Option Institute's programs...

Happiness Is A Choice
The Little Book That Could

"It all started with a little book that could. I have been given this book titled Happiness is a Choice a few weeks ago. I looked at the title and thought to myself: "really...tell me something I don't know" (I also made this weird gesture with my mouth which I made when in serious doubt). This is how my wonderful journey with my own happiness and the Option Institute began. With that doubtful gesture and that little book that could..."

Keren Rosenboim, New Jersey

Get Inspired

"The Option Institute programs are life changers. The Option Institute provides a warm safe place to dive in, explore and learn to understand who you are, why you do what you do, how to make changes happen in your life, how to love. Everyone can befit from the universal and timeless messages taught here."

-Noreen C., Nutritionist, Ireland

Happiness Option Weekend

It can seem, to most of us, that our happiness or unhappiness is a product of the events in our lives, especially when we are facing a difficult time. This isn't surprising, given that from a young age we see fear, grief, anger, frustration and anxiety as the "normal" and "appropriate" response...

Facing Challenges, Our Students Gained Self Reliance and A Positive Approach Wow! These live testimonials keep pouring in and they tell stories of overcoming real life challenges. What challenges are you facing?...

Going for and Getting What You Want!

Going for and Getting What You Want!

You may be at a crossroads in your life and in need of some real mental firepower to proactively navigate it. You might be stalled in your pursuit of an important goal (finding your life partner, changing your career, etc.). Or maybe you’ve noticed that you have difficulty standing strong for what you want when faced with opposition... Read More...

vidz Barry Neil Kaufman explains how you can create more love and power in your life.
View Now...

Fighting Depression

"I'm 43 years old, been married for 26 years, have 7 children from at ins 10 to 25 and have, for the last 33 years, led exactly the life my mother wanted me to. When I had my twins, 10 years ago, I awakened to the realization that there was a lot of life I hadn't experienced. Life with 7 children from age one to 14 was too much – and not enough – at the same time. In 4 years I grew into a depression that was incredibly lonely and painful..." Read More...

Mary Church, Mother/Business Owner, Indiana

Conquering Chronic Fatigue

"After an 11 year losing battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I came to the Option Institute out of desperation, in hopes of just finding some peace in my life. I was ready to apply for disability, and give up my dream and my passion of working with children with special needs. Before I came to the Option Institute, every day was a struggle. I woke up more tired than I went to sleep..." Read More...

Ellen Stanley, Manager/Developmental Therapists, Maine

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PRIVACY: The Option Institute treats your data as PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL and does not share, rent or disclose your name or personal information to ANY third party source under ANY conditions.


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